Romans 11:33-39 | Paul’s Doxology of Praise (Part 2)

Speaker: Jeff Evans

To the Glory of God

  1. Paul is reviewing God’s work in ________________! 
  2.  This Doxology has ______ parts.
  3. _______ God is!  
  4. ________ God does.  
  5. ______ God does it. 
  6. What he does, how unsearchable are his judgements. God is a God who _________ and He is a God who ____________.
  7. His judgements are _________________. 
  8. His _________ are inscrutable.
  9. We are not going to _______________ God out!
  10. Two things we can say about the things God does:
    1. He never needs or wants our ___________!
    2. He never moves or makes judgements because He _______ us anything.  
  11. God does all things for His own ___________.
  12. God was the _____________ of creation, the ___________ of creation, and he is the ____________ of creation.  (Colossians 1:16-17)
  13. So what does it mean to give God Glory? It means that God’s glory is _________ in our lives by the way that we live, think and react!  
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