Romans 4:7-12 | Father Abraham

Speaker: Jeff Evans

  1. His faith was not ______________, the righteousness was from God, it was the ___________________ to God’s work!
  2. Another response to God’s work is ______________________ of our sins, a confession. Psalm 32:1-3
  3. Who gets this blessing? Is it only for the circumcised? Righteousness had nothing to do with ______________________.
  4. If Abraham was already counted as righteous, then why circumcise?  What was the purpose? It was a ____________ of the __________ of righteousness that he had from God by faith.
  5. What is our sign of the seal of righteousness that we also have a seal of righteousness?  ______________ Colossians 2:11-12
  6. God did this for a ______________.  The _______________ was to make him the _______________ of all who believe. Galatians 3:16; 27-29
  7. Everyone who believes has Abraham as a ____________ on this earth, therefore we are ________________.
  8. The Purpose was to give us _________ father, Abraham, he was to be the father of both. We are to be _____________.