Romans 4:1-8 | Righteousness and Faith

Speaker: Jeff Evans

Sermon Notes

1) How and why is our inability to boast encouraging?

2) How do we know it applies to us? 

  • “Abraham ______________ God, and it was counted to him as righteousness.” Genesis 15:1-6; Hebrews 11:6 
  • He believed God he was counted _________ righteous.
  • Abraham’s faith was _______________ a righteous act, neither did his faith make him _____________.  Psalm 26
  • Righteousness, or justification, is a ______________. Romans 3:23-24 that cannot be __________.  
  • Abraham’s works did not __________ to his righteousness, so he has no room to boast, and someone who does not work is ___________ just as righteous.   
  • This is encouraging because it means that it completely _________ on God, and I can’t take away from my righteousness by _________ to trust in Him.  It is a gift, and because it is a gift it does not depend on me.  
  • How do I know that it applies to me, do I believe God? 
  • At _______, do I believe God?
  • With the ________________, do I believe God?
  • Do I believe God even when it doesn’t make __________?  (Isaac)
  • Do I believe God even in my _____________?    Do I believe that God can justify the ____________, even me?