Eternal Life
December 3, 2017

Eternal Life

Passage: 1 John 5:6-12

Eternal Life | 1 John 5:6-12

What is eternal life? John deals with this topic in his gospels.

  1. The water, the blood and the Holy Spirit, are the ________
  2. Jesus bore a message about God when He came and now God is ______________ about Jesus. 1 John 1:5-7
    • He came to us personally by the water, by the blood and by the Spirit.
  3. The three witnesses are one ____________. Verse 11
  4. What is eternal life? John 17:3, And this is eternal life, that they __________ you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.
  5. There are _______ Greek words for Know or knowledge.
  6. There is a word for know that means to ________ with your eyes, or to ______ 1 John 2:20-21
  7. The other Word for know or knowledge means _________ knowledge. Such as 1 John 4:6-16
  8. We who believe have eternal life __________. John 3:16-36
  9. To not have eternal life is to have the ________ of God on him now.
  10. Whoever has the Son has _________.
  11. This life can only be found in ________, in ___________.
  12. The intended audience is ____________.

A changed life is not ___________ of eternal life, it is ________ life!

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