Introduction to Romans
February 3, 2019

Introduction to Romans

Passage: Romans 1:1-6

Introduction to Romans | Romans 1:1-6

Speaker: Jeff Evans

1. Paul’s introduction of Himself as the ________________ God chose to author His book.
2. A slave/servant of _____________________.
3. Christ Jesus, is referred to ______ times in the book of Romans.
4. __________________ for the Gospel; three possible explanations:
a) Before he was ____________. Galatians 1:15
b) Paul was referring to set apart by the _____________. Acts 13:1-2
c) There is a possibility that Paul is referring to being set apart as a ______________.
5. Make no mistake this book is about the _________________________.
6. This Gospel this message if from ________. It is His message. He is the __________________ of it.
7. To bring about the ____________________ that comes from faith.

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