Living Out The Cross (Part One)

Living Out The Cross (Part One)
April 28, 2019

Living Out The Cross (Part One)

Passage: Romans 2:13-15

Bible Text: Romans 2:13-15 | Speaker: Jeff Evans | Series: Romans |
Do our actions matter? Does it really matter how I live?
It does matter that we _______! It _________ matter how we are following.  Romans 2:6 and 2:13
Paul wrote that it is not the _____________ of the Law who are justified, but the ____________.
Paul’s evidence that “the Law” and “doing the Law” are important is the ____________ , for even the Gentiles ___________ the law sometimes.
They are a ________ unto themselves.
By this they show that the ___________ of the law is written on their heart.
Even men’s ______________ bears witness to the reality of God and God’s law.
God uses all men’s conscience and conflicting thoughts to lead us to __________________!
Paul went from __________ rendering each man according to his actions to _________ judging the secrets of man.
This is the ___________ point, this is the _____________ edge.

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