The Law-Bringer Could Not Lead Them In
October 21, 2018

The Law-Bringer Could Not Lead Them In

Passage: Numbers 27:12-23

The Law-Bringer Could Not Lead Them In | Numbers 27:12-23

Speaker: Jeff Evans

1. Moses is going to _______ just as Aaron did and just as all those died in the wilderness. Numbers 20: 24-28
2. He will not be _________ to enter the Promised Land. Numbers 20:10-13
3. Moses failed to __________ God as Holy, failed to ____________________ God as holy.
4. Moses the Law-Bringer; the man who walked with God and met with God face to face as friend to friend could not ___________ the Promised Land. James 2:10
5. Furthermore Moses could not _________________ them in.
6. They needed a _________________________.
7. ___________ is the man appointed by God to lead them, Yeshua God the salvation or _________! The better known Greek transliteration __________.
8. This man shall ____________ before the High Priest.
9. At ________ word they shall go out and come in!
10. Praise God for the ____________ who is able to lead us in!

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