The Importance of Prayer

December 30, 2018
Jeff Evans closes out his series through the book of Numbers. Chapter 36 is a fitting close to the book, highlighting prayer and why it is so important.

Our City of Refuge

December 23, 2018
What was a city of refuge in the Old Testament? Is it relevant to us today? How do the cities of refuge relate to Jesus as our refuge? Listen to this sermon as Jeff Evans explains the City of Refuge and what it means.
What do you know about the Priesthood of Christ? Does the book of Numbers tell us anything about it? How is Jesus acting as our High Priest today? Find out the answers to these questions and more in the sermon, The Priesthood of Christ.
What was the real reason Moses was not allowed to enter the Promised Land? Is God speaking to us today through Moses? What was needed in order to enter the Promised Land? Elder, Jeff Evans, takes us into God's Word and explains this beautiful passage.
Why were the daughters of Zelophehad listed among the warriors? Were they entitled to an inheritance just like the men? What are the roles of men and women today? Find out what the Bible says about these subjects and more.

Zealous for Holiness

September 30, 2018
Elder Jeff Evans does a great job of explaining Numbers 25. What is is like to live in Shittim? What does that mean for us as believers? What did it mean for the Children of Israel? Listen and be challenged to keep going.

Balaam’s Sin

September 23, 2018
Balaam sinned against God, but what was his sin? What caused God's people to so easily turn from Him? Does the church today face similar challenges?

Balaam’s Blessing

September 16, 2018
Balaam's Blessing on the children of Israel is a significant event. Let's take a look at this passage and see how it impacts us today. Listen as pastor Jeff Evans speaks to us from the book of Numbers.

God’s Will for Balaam

September 9, 2018
This Old Testament story about Balak and Balaam tells us a lot about the heart of man. It also gives us insight into God's will and how he works. Listen to Pastor Jeff Evans share from the Word of God in the book of Numbers.

True Repentance

September 2, 2018
In the 40th year after the Children of Israel left Eqypt, in the 38th year of their wilderness wanderings, God's people encounter King Sihon of the Amorites. Listen as Pastor Jeff Evans explains God's plan for his people during this trying time and what it means to us today.
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