The Red Heifer
August 5, 2018

The Red Heifer

Passage: Numbers 19

Bible Text: Numbers 19 | Speaker: Jeff Evans | Series: Numbers

The Red Heifer | Numbers 19-20:1
Speaker: Jeff Evans
NOTE: There is a glitch in this recording around the 1:19 mark. Unfortunately, the microphone died during the sermon. The dead space has been edited out, however, you miss about two minutes of the message. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Law wasn’t ________________, they need _______________!
Color Red comes from the Crimson or Scarlet _______________.  Isaiah 1:18
The heifer is sacrificed by the _______________ and it is burned up completely.
This is the picture of ______________.
They were commanded to ___________ HIM!
When Jesus _________________ my sins upon Himself, He really ______________ my sins upon Himself!  
The cedarwood and hyssop and scarlet yarn are burned up with the Red Heifer because these were used in the Levitical __________ for the cleansing of Leprosy. Leviticus 14:4
They are taking the ________________________ of the Israelites upon themselves.  
Who is it that takes the ashes and puts it in a clean place?  ________________! Hebrews 9:11-14 and 13:12-13  
This is for _______________ of both the people of Israel and the stranger, the sojourner.  
We are __________________ by life.
This is for _________________ washing!
This is why we are not _________________!
This is about the ____________________, not the earthly! Hebrews 13:12-15

Daily sanctification – I am touching somebody dead each day.
Unbelief is a daily confrontation.
Miriam died anyway.
We are headed for a heavenly kingdom/city. Hebrews 11
To recognize the true Son of God is to worship.

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