Being Led by God
April 29, 2018

Being Led by God

Passage: Numbers 9:15-23

Bible Text: Numbers 9:15-23 | Speaker: Jeff Evans | Series: Numbers

Being Led by God | Numbers 9:15-23
Speaker: Jeff Evans

It’s a _____________, not a pillar of cloud. Numbers 9:15
They are to follow the Lord’s _______________.
It is the decision that they make _______________. Romans 8:14
God leads today by His _________________ using:

His _____________   ________________.
His ___________________.
His ___________________.

They are following as a _________________ not as individuals.
The text uses “The People of Israel” _______ times and “they” _______ times.
We do have a _____________________ to one another. Acts 13:1-3
How do we as a body live this out?

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