Keeping the Passover
April 22, 2018

Keeping the Passover

Passage: Numbers 9:1-14

Bible Text: Numbers 9:1-14 | Speaker: Jeff Evans | Series: Numbers

Keeping the Passover | Numbers 9:1-13
Speaker: Jeff Evans

It is _______________ to keep the passover! (Numbers 9: 1-5)  
What about the ________ who could not keep the passover.  (vs 6,7)
To worship was the __________________ of their hearts.
Moses asks for ______________________ from the Lord.  (vs 8)
The Lord command is to _________________ the worship.  (vs 9-12)
Those who don’t keep it are ________________ off. (vs 13 – 14)
God says that the sojourner who celebrates the passover is in ___________________ standing with the nation of Israel than the Israelite who doesn’t.  
So what does this mean for us?  
Is it important for us to corporately _____________________?
What happens when we reject God’s blessing?

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