Nazarite Vow
March 10, 2018

Nazarite Vow

Passage: Numbers 6:1-22

Nazarite Vow | Numbers 6: 1-22

Speaker: Jeff Evans

“The vow of the Nazarite, the laws of the Nazarite, provide an Old Testament picture of what every New Testament disciple should be.” - Ligon Duncan, Pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, MS, February 2007

  1. The Nazarite was about setting yourself _____________ for God.
  2. It revealed your _______________ focus.
  3. It is a _______________ vow, it is very unique.
  4. It is a _______________ vow.
  5. It is a very ________________ vow.
  6. It showed in the way you _______________ (long hair).
  7. It showed in the way you _______________ and ______________ (no grapes).
  8. It showed in the way that you _____________ to others (no contact with the dead).
  9. You had to be ___________________ who you were with.
  10. It was a _________________ vow.
  11. It was a _________________ vow.
  12. The end of the nazarite vow is __________________.
  13. The sacrifices are made, signifying that it was _________________ who did it.
  14. After that, the wine is drunk, the Nazarite has reached his __________________.

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