Service Unto the Lord
February 18, 2018

Service Unto the Lord

Passage: Numbers 4

Service Unto the Lord | Numbers 4

Speaker: Jeff Evans

  1. We are in Chapter 4 so that must mean that we are at our _____________ census.
  2. God directs Moses to count all of the priests of Levi and divide them up for ________________.
  3. God began with the middle son’s clan ______________. They are given the task of carrying the most ______________ things.
  4. The age, from ______ years up to ______. Numbers 8:24,  1 Chronicles 23:27
  5. Their job is to carry the most holy things, but you can’t __________ them.
  6. If you touch them then you will be ________________.
  7. To serve God is to _______ all that we do is an act of worship.
  8. We need ______________ even to serve God! Isaiah 64 5-6
  9. our very best, is this ___________________________.
  10. God is not a God that can be served by ____________ hands. Acts 17:24-25
  11. Our best acts are filthy rags...the very best we can do is but filthy rags...we can not presume on our acts of worship!
  12. God gives us a gift, and ____________ us to worship Him through service, this is a gift to us...from God.

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