The Amazing Grace of God
March 31, 2019

The Amazing Grace of God

Passage: Romans 1:22-32

Bible Text: Romans 1:22-32 | Speaker: Jeff Evans | Series: Romans | The Amazing Grace of God | Romans 1:22-32
Speaker: Jeff Evans

The Great Exchange/The Great Sin!
This is the sin that ____________ us from God! Psalms 51: Against _____ and _____ only have I sinned O LORD!
The  ____________ repetition of giving over!   

The Exchange, Vs  ______, ______, _________
The Result, Vs  ______, ______, _________
The Example, Vs  ______, ______, _________

Homosexuality is singled out because it is the ___________ example of this sin of failing to worship God and worship the creation instead!
A debased mind or a reprobate mind, means untested, untried, or ___________ for anything!  
Why is Paul moved to praise? Vs 24   _______ in my life shows me in a tangible way that I am giving honor and worshiping the creation rather than the creator.  
Sin should reveal to mankind the ________ of his choice and lead us back to God! 
God alone __________ sin!
There are ______ ways that God prevents sin:

______________, Romans 13:3-4
Through __________ intervention, Genesis 20:3
His _________ Psalms 19:12-14; Matthew 26:41

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