Romans 3:1-4 | A Broken and Contrite Spirit

Speaker: Jeff Evans

  1. There is a danger of ______________.
  2. There is an ____________ of being raised in a Christian home.
  3. Did my ______________ home lead me to pride, or to humility?
  4. A Christian home is entrusted with the ______________ of God!
  5. The _____________ that God accepts is the broken and contrite heart. Psalms 51:17
  6. When in reality our very best efforts are still mingled with sin! Isaiah 64:6
  7. To know the oracles of God should produce __________________. James 4:5-10
  8. Does our sin, our faithlessness ____________ out the faithfulness of God? Praise God it doesn’t!
  9. I should see my sin and it should produce ____________ in me! Psalms 51:17
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