Deuteronomy 7:12-16 | Speaker: Jeff Evans

1. What are the promises of the covenant that God swore to Abraham, Issaac, and Jacob? Genesis 12:1-2

a. The promised ________.
b. The promise of the ______________.
c. The promise of _____________.

2. But this wasn’t just the covenant to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, it was also given to ____________. Genesis 1:27-28
3. God is moving men back to ___________! They just have to keep ______________! The Problem is that the Laws bring _________! Romans 4:15-16
4. We keep the commandments, but ________ Christ, by _________. This is our _____________!
5. The covenant that He swore to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to restore them to Eden, belongs to_____. The Promise was a Blessing, Fruitfulness, and a Land.
6. Vs 13: Because of God’s love and blessing on us, we will be __________!
7. The Land is the whole __________!
8. Vs 14: You shall be ________ above all peoples. To be blessed above all peoples means that we have ________ Numbers 6:23-27
9. Vs 15: There are no diseases or illnesses that fall upon the Beloved of God from his _________, as it did on the people of Egypt! It is a __________!
10. Vs 16: The Earth is God’s, and he has given it to His Children as a ____________. Matthew 28:18

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