Romans 11:7-10 | God Gives a Spirit of Stupor

Speaker: Jeff Evans

  1. God always maintains a ________________ by his Sovereign _________.  
  2. The minute any work or action or merit is added to it then it stops being ____________!  
  3. What has Israel been seeking here in Romans?  Romans 9:31-32; 10:3, 20
  4. Israel has always known that the only way that anyone would ever see God is through _______________.  Matthew 5:20
  5. But the Elect of God ______________ it!  
  6. The rest were ______________.
  7. So what is this hardening, this stupor!  Deuteronomy 29:4; 30:6; Isaiah 29:1-2; 9-13, Psalms 69
  8.  It is right that _____________ fall upon them!  The stupor, the hardening, is _________________! 
  9. What is this delusion, this stupor?  They believed they were _______________!  They believed they _______________!  
  10. So how does it apply to us?  How would you know if you were in a stupor?  How would you know if you were blind?
  11.  Is there a ______________ to God’s word? When you read the scripture do you see your need for ______________, or does it lead you to try harder?  
  12. Do you believe or think that there is any _____________________ or thing that you have ever done that _______________ in your salvation, or was it totally God’s grace?
  13. The importance of ____________ around you. 
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