Romans 8:9-11 | Indwelling of the Holy Spirit

Speaker: Jeff Evans

  1. We were placed in Christ and he is our head today, this is the present ___________________ of everyone in Jesus Christ.
  2. So the flesh can never _____________ God!   You, however, are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if in fact the Spirit of God ____________________ in you.
  3. So what does it look like, feel like to have Christ in you, to be filled with the power of God, to be indwelt with the Spirit of God?
  4. First, every gift, every talent, every ability that man has, comes from _________.  Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not.  Exodus 31:1-6
  5. We are going to look at ____ pictures today to help us see.
  6. Old Testament picture of the filling of the _______________ with the presence of God.  2 Chronicles 5-7
  7. God’s presence and power is coming in and we ____________.  And we _____________!
  8. The coming of the _________________. John 14:15-18
  9. When the Holy Spirit comes you will not feel like an _____________ in the world!
  10. We are _aware_ of our present reality, not in a past event!
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