Introduction to Deuteronomy

Speaker: Cory Finton

Pentateuch Structure

A. Genesis: Kingdom Prologue. Chosen Covenant Man. Sojourning Yet Hopeful.

B. Exodus: Leaving Egypt. Grumbling. Coming to Sinai. God’s Covenant Dwelling.

C. Leviticus: Consecrated to God by Priestly Atonement.

B. Numbers: Guarding Tabernacle. Leaving Sinai. Grumbling. Entering Land.

A. Deuteronomy: Kingdom Prologue. Chosen Covenant People. Sojourning Yet Hopeful.*


Addendum: Joshua: Reliving Abraham’s History. Prepared to undo Babel.**

* See L. Michael Morales: Who Shall Ascend the Mountain of the Lord?
** See David Dorsey: The Literary Structure of the Old Testament

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