Romans 10:2-8 | It Is Not Too Hard

Speaker: Jeff Evans

  1. The sons of Israel knew that God demanded __________________.  Deuteronomy 26:16;Leviticus 18:1-5; Psalms 9:17 
  2. They knew that it was hard!  It was more than hard it is _____________!
  3. God demands perfection, but since we can’t reach perfection we will substitute _____________ for perfection. 
  4. We know what it feels like don’t we? Matthew 22:37-38
  5. Our problem is: God demands ________________!  But what God demands, God _____________!  
  6. The sons of Israel ______________ the Father of their Nation! Genesis 15:5-6
  7. This was the righteousness that the Lord demanded, is the __________  righteousness of God.  This is the righteousness that the Sons of Israel were ignorant of! 
  8. This is why Christ is the end of the Law, because it is His righteousness that God supplies to meet God’s ___________! 
  9. Christ _____________ be the end of the Law, this has to be the righteousness we surrender to!  Because  the person who does the commandments shall ________________ live by them.  James 2:8-10
  10. Without Christ we are in a ______________ situation, but God makes a ______________! Deuteronomy 30:6
  11. Now it is different!  Now it is not _____ ______!  It was impossible before, now it is ______ too hard!  
  12.  ________________ I don’t love the Lord with all my heart, or I don’t love my neighbor. I am to cry out to Jesus and confess Him as Lord and Believe that God has raised Him from the dead. This should be an everyday ____________! 
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