Romans 11:25-32 | Lest You Be Wise in Your Own Eyes

Speaker: Jeff Evans

  1. Romans is about the ____________.  Romans 1:15-17 
  2. One of those guardrails is the importance to hold on to your ________ and the contrast with faith is ________.  Romans 3:27   
  3. When that is accomplished ______ of Israel will be saved.
  4.  How does this help me hold on to my faith? Whether this is Israel or the church why does it matter to me? 
  5. They are _________ to the Gospel at this time for our sake,  but as regards election, they are ____________  for the sake of their forefathers.   The incredible truth here is that election is not based on our ___________ for the Gospel.  
  6. Paul goes on29 For the gifts and the calling of God are ____________. 
  7. Mercy is not receiving the _____________ we deserve, but instead ___________ God’s Glory that we didn’t deserve!  Romans 9:15-18 
  8. God had a _________ for their disobedience!  
  9. For God has _____________  all to disobedience, that he may have __________ on all.
    1. It is God’s plan to reveal Himself, to show His glory to all, and through all.  
  10. As I said, one of the greatest dangers to my faith is to become ____________, to think that I don’t _________ God and his grace and his mercy.
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