Romans 6:12-18 | Living Under Grace

Speaker: Jeff Evans

  1. Present your members to God as instruments _________ righteousness.
  2. Sin is the _____________ that have been ignited in me, by which I fail to give God the glory he deserves.
  3. Dominion is the ____________ the __________, ____________.
  4. The Law, is the ______________ written code of God that God gave Israel. A child of God does not rely on their own efforts, but on the sacrifice of God.
  5. Grace, that divine _______________ of God on our _____________ that is lived out in a life, especially gratitude.  (This is not a synonym for mercy)
  6. To “live under” means ________________. Matthew 8:8-9
  7. This verse is not about the _______________ of God, its about how we _________.  We obey ________ and not the written code of the ______.
  8. But then does that mean that we are always living contrary to the law? _____  ______  ________!
  9. Why not?  Because you obey the one to whom you ___________ yourself.
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