Romans 8:35-39 | More Than Conquerors

Speaker: Jeff Evans

  1. How do we deal with ________________ of life?
  2. It is not about looking ___________ for God to straighten out the problems of today, it is about ________________ how God fixed my greatest problems in the past.
  3. When we do that then we are more than ________________.
  4. The only way to be more than a conqueror is to become_________________.
  5. Jesus left Martha and Mary in the place of distress and tribulation because He __________ them.  John 11:1-6; John 4:49-52; Job 42:4-5
  6. We need to see all things not as an __________ on us by an enemy, but as from a _________ God.
  7. This is difficult, and can only come through ________ _______ who loves us.
  8. Then we are more than _______________!
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