Romans 8:31 | Our Response

Speaker: Jeff Evans

  1. Do we know who the Syrians are? 2 Kings 6:11-17
  2. What then shall we say to these things?
  3. __________ responses that we could make to Paul’s question?
  4. We could say since God did all of this we _______ need to ________.
  5. We could say since God has done it all, so we __________ need to do _________________.
  6. Paul is___________ writing to the person who is comfortable in their life and have no worries or concerns with the sins of their lives.
  7. Baptist Confession of Faith, Chapter 18 on the Assurance of Grace and Salvation is assurance of salvation is ___________ but ____________.
  8. Paul is writing to that person who is ____________ and ______________ for the assurance of faith.
  9. In our world today, as we have talked about, there are _____ answers that we see taking place all around us: license or legalism
  10. Third response: _________________, if He is for me then who can stand against me?
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