Romans 13:8-10 | The Debt of Love

Speaker: Jeff Evans

  1. Paul is giving us a _____________!   
  2. We are to clear up all debts, except the debt of __________.  Exodus 22:25-26; Matthew 5:23-24 
  3. What is Love?
  4. Love in our modern vocabulary means that it gives me _____________.  
  5. Biblical Love is a ___________! Deuteronomy 7:7; Romans 8:31-39 
  6. Love means sacrificial living for the _________ of others.
  7.  Love that God has poured out on me places me under a debt to _____________.  1 John 4:7-21
  8. So what does it mean to love others?  Love others means to ________ God’s commandments/follow the Law.
  9. Living out these commandments is__________ the debt that we owe of love to others.  
  10. We love our neighbors by __________________ to others the surpassing worth and treasure that Jesus Christ is!  
  11. Loving others as a neighbor as we want them to have _________ like us!  
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