Romans 11:17-24 | The Importance of Warnings

Speaker: Jeff Evans

  1. Paul uses the ethnic Israel as a _____________ for us, Gentiles to be careful with _____________!  James 4:6 and 1 Peter 5:5
  2. The warning of ________________!   
  3. It is not what _________________________, it is what God has _____________.   
  4. So do not become proud, but __________.   
  5. Note then the ___________________ and the ____________ of God. You need to see all of God, __________ sides of God’s character.  
  6. What does it mean to continue? It means to continue to __________, to continue to ___________ God.  Hebrews Chapter 3:12-14 
  7. What does it mean to stop believing? (Romans chapter 1) It means to stop giving ___________ to God!  It means to believe the __________ instead of the ____________.  It means to _________ recognizing God as God!  
  8. Paul says that if they ___________ continue in their unbelief, or if they ______________  ____________ they will be grafted in.  
  9. It is ____________ for them to be grafted back in than it was for you to be grafted in. 
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