Romans 3:21-23 | The Manifested Righteousness of God

Speaker: Jeff Evans

  1. So how do we live, what does righteousness look like? The Righteousness of God is manifested _________ from the law.
  2. It has been made manifest to the ___________ world.
  3. What is the Righteousness of God?
  4. This has always been the __________.  It was never God’s intention for the Law to produce the righteousness of God in the lives of men and women. There has always only been _______ way for God’s righteousness to be made manifest to the world.
  5. The righteousness of God through faith in _____________ for all who believe.
  6. All who believe are ________________to God’s rightness to the world, through faith not through the laws.
  7. Therefore there is no distinction, anywhere, for all have sinned and fallen short of the _________  of God.
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