Romans 12:1-2 | The Mercies of God

Speaker: Jeff Evans

  1. Romans 12:1-2 is pivotal part of Romans as Paul makes this _______________.   He begins with a _________.
  2. The foundation of his appeals is the ___________ of God.
  3. In general, and at the beginning, mercy is a very difficult concept and  uniquely ______________.  
  4. Mercy is tied to ____________.  Exodus 33:18-20. Moses desires to see God’s _________, but Moses has a ___________ (vs 20), but He said, “You cannot see My face; for no man shall see Me, and ________.”
  5. Isaiah saw God’s __________ and _________.  Isaiah 6:1-5. When sinful man sees an infinitely Holy God!  There is only one response! He deserved ________________.   
  6. God had ___________ on Isaiah. Instead of wrath, God had __________!  And God had _________ for Isaiah.  
  7. The importance of seeing and understanding mercy in this light.  
  8. If you never see the holiness and the judgement of God, see God in that light, then you will ____________ see the mercy and compassion of God!  But if you see God as Holy and infinite, then afterwards you will _______ see God in his mercy and compassion!  
  9. When Isaiah saw the Glory of God he _______________ himself a living sacrifice.
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