Romans 11:1-6 | The Remnant

Speaker: Jeff Evans

    1. Paul starts off chapter 11 with a _____________. Romans 5:21-6:1; 7:6-7  
    2. Paul is keeping us focused, the question it brings us to ___________.  
    3. Has God rejected the nation of Israel? Paul answers with the ______________ with the possible words that is ____________________.
    4. Why is it unthinkable, because Paul is an _________________________. 
    5. Also because God has not rejected his people whom he _________________ . 
    6. Paul uses the story of ___________ to bring clarity to this.  1 Kings 19:14-18
    7. Paul says they are _____________, and ________ them from destruction they have not kept themselves. God says, “I have kept them.”
    8. God keeps them by ________. So too at the ________________  present time there is a ___________ chosen by ________
    9. It is ________________ that explains the balance between a Sovereign God and a God with outstretched hands.
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