Romans 9:27-33 | The Value of Hard Work

Speaker: Jeff Evans

  • This picture of Romans 9, is about God’s sovereignty over ______________________.
  • So, if it is just God who does it, why are there so many vessels of dishonor?
  • Though there are a multitude of the Sons of Israel, only a ______________ shall be saved!
  • It is right, or God is doing righteousness, by doing this, for the Lord will carry out his __________ upon the earth fully and without delay.
  • God judged Sodom and Gomorrah for their __________ Genesis 13:13; 18:20
  • In Chapter 9 it has been about God’s sovereignty, there must be an accountability for man’s _________.
  • God in His sovereign will give men a ______________ in election. Romans 9:30-31
  • When God had mercy on us, and revealed His Glory to us, (Romans 9:24) the gentiles and the Jews, we respond in ________,
  • When God revealed his Glory to the Ethnic Israel they responded by __________. Exodus 19 and 20
  • They did ___________ some righteousness, but it just wasn’t enough. Matthew 5:20
  • Because of their work, their pride, they have _____________ over the stumbling stone. verse 33
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