Romans 11:7-12 | When Their Table Becomes a Snare

Speaker: Jeff Evans

  1. The doctrine of hardening or insensitivity, or the delusion that God _________ on those who have rejected Him.  2 Thessalonians 2:9-11
  2. The delusion is a belief that even though someone might walk in the stubbornness of their heart they are still _____________ before God!  
  3. This stupor, this hardening, is also about the _______________________! Isaiah 29:10-16 
  4. It is not enough they don’t understand the scripture, the scripture becomes a ___________________________. Psalms 69; Romans 11:9-10 
  5. How should we respond?
  6. We are absolutely ________________ upon the Spirit of God to reveal the word of God!  John 6:44-45
  7. God has a great and glorious _________________ for their hardening.  Matthew 22:1-14 
  8. This Thanksgiving what you are thankful for, consider  these blessings!
  9. How do you know the Holy Spirit is moving in your heart as you read?  That’s easy, does the word of God reveal His ______________ or _________?
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