Romans 8:1-4 | Application of the Gospel

Speaker: Jeff Evans

  1. Service is an act of __________.
  2. The question of the __________ it’s importance and value.
  3. The __________ is a part of the Plan of Salvation!
  4. So what happened when the Law came into the Jewish nation’s history?
  5. They needed to see their absolute __________________________.
  6. So what does it look like to be sinful beyond measure?
  7. What is their/our problem? We/I can’t do it on my/our ___________!
  8. The battle _____________.
  9. It is not enough that the Law produced death in me, it also had to produce ____________ and _______________. It had to produce ___________ in Spirit.
  10. It had to produce a calling out to ____________.
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